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The all-in-one platform to automate equity management, facilitate fundraising and enhance governance to a simple click process for every company!

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Simplify Equity

Issue different types of securities to investors, employees and advisors and maintain a fully automated cap table in a few simple clicks.

Fund raise with the best terms​

Use the simplest input to gain a full understanding of how investment rounds and potential dilution would impact your company’s cap table.

Close investment rounds faster

Leverage RasMal’s scenario modeling tools to negotiate better terms and streamline the fundraising process with potential investors using our dynamic Data Room.

Tools and Features

We offer a variety of tools and features to match your company’s needs and help you focus on growth. Learn more about RasMal’s tools and features.

Connect with your investors.

Share accurate, professional and required reports.

Always be prepared! Generate the most vital performance metrics and share reports with your potential investors to facilitate the fundraising process.

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Protected & Secure data​ 🔒

Your data, your control

You control who can access your data and how. Assign personalized permissions to users and remove them any time.

Best-Practice Security

We constantly improve security programs based on latest industry standards to ensure optimal security for all your files and data.

PDF Watermarks

Ensure the confidentiality of your documents and contracts at a glance through our watermark feature.

SSL/TLS Encrypted

Our website is SSL/TLS certified to keep user data secure and prevent fake cloning of the site.


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