Unlocking Business Value: The Power of Valuation

In RasMal, we understand that business valuation is more than just a financial exercise; it represents a profound exploration into the very core of its potential. The realm of valuation plays an important role in strategic decision-making and business expansion for the founders and startups westrive to serve.

The valuation report incorporates five distinct valuation methodologies to help you determine how much your startup is worth for 90 countries worldwide and data from 136 industries following the Thompson & Reuters Business Classification (TRBC). It only takes a few minutes for us to prepare and deliver your report after answering both qualitative and quantitative inquiries about your company.

Company Valuation 1

Future Cash Flows

DCF with Long-Term Growth

Delve into Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) analysis, providing insights into long-term projections.

DCF with Multiples

Explore the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) mothd from a different angle, considering approaches for a comprehensive valuation.

Qualitative Aspects

Scorecard Method

Dive beyond mere numbers to assess the qualitative aspects that make your business distinctive using our Scorecard Method.

Checklist Method

Checklist Method also goes beyond financial data to evaluate the intrinsic value that sets your venture apart, focusing on qualitative aspects.

Company Valuation 1
Company Valuation 1

Investors Returns

The Venture Capital Method

is an essential tool for gaining insights into investor perspectives, enabling you to assess potential returns and make informed decisions regarding funding acquisitions and growth strategies.

Valuation transcends a mere financial exercise; it represents a profound exploration of potential and an in-depth delve into the core essence of your business. While we acknowledge the significance of equity management, within this section, our primary emphasis lies on the power of valuation.

Always bear in mind that your vision and passion are the essence of our mission. RasMal, we stand as your dedicated partners in the journey to discover the true value of your venture.

Company Valuation 1

Obtain a comprehensive and detailed valuation report for your company within minutes.

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